Saturday, December 15, 2012

Homage to respected artists

For many years Dave has reviewed and studied in fascination the work of Georgia O'Keeffe 1887 - 1986.  Her life as an artist has amazed us with the unique realism in her work.  She traveled the world to talk, teach, and continue with her passion and live within her dreams... to make Fine Art.

Dave was asked if he wanted to be part of a show in Wyandotte, MI at the Rivers Edge Gallery.
Without hesitation Dave started working on new art in homage to Georgia for the upcoming event.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The "Leaves of Life" a Homage

I worked on another piece for the Homage Show as an entry in the Rivers Edge Gallery in the artful city of Wyandotte MI.  The show is going on right now until the end of March 2012.  There are approximately 180 new pieces of art made by 40 local artists.  If you want to view the show here is the contact info.
Rivers Edge Gallery
3024 Biddle
Wyandotte, MI
Ph:  734.246.9880

This is "Leaves of Life" in Homage to Georgia O'Keeffe 1887 - 1986
Metal Sculptor    -    Dave Bushell

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Homage At the Rivers Edge Gallery

Dave is working with the Rivers Edge Gallery with an opening on the 17th of Feb that will run for the next month.  This Show is in Homage and respect to Artists in the past.  Simple declaration of oblique reference, artistic balance or poetic tones will be in the air.
 Dave is a metal sculptor that is paying special homage to Georgia O'Keeffe 1887 - 1986.
Where is this show:
Rivers Edge Gallery @ 3024 Biddle Wyandotte, MI  PH 734-246-9880
As usual on the 3rd Friday evening most stores are open late with fun for all ages.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Looking Glass of 2011

I have been reviewing my work of 2011 and have found new work to have been slow.  My full-time job as a Fabricator has taken up most of my time because of new work demands  and schedules.  My art work was displayed in the River Edge Gallery in Wyandotte Michigan, the Exo Hair Saloon and Gallery in Allen Park Michigan, and "the Creative Process project" at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.

I am striving to let go of painting the Stainless Steel art because it makes it look to realistic but many people still insist on seeing it done in my original format, wet-on-wet acrylics.
By looking forward into the New Year I intend to open a new line of work that is Thermal Coated with bronze in the line-of-sight application.  This is to avoid covering the metal work and secondly to add a new dimension to fine craft by applying Patina Solutions for the hues instead of Acrylics.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Process of Creativity @ DDF

GalleryNew Center


Find out more about the genius minds behind design. Discover the creative processes of Detroit/Michigan based designers/artists, including:
Andy Kem, furniture
Piper Carter, fashion photography
Fotoula Lambros, fashion
Jason Cummins, automotive
Kelly Ritson, graphic
David Bushell, metal sculpture
Anna Lisa Schneider, illustration
Nina Barlow, masks
Fai Foen, landscape
Sara Bielski, graphic designer
Meet with the artists to learn how they think. Be inspired to use your own creative process with some hands-on activities.
Meet the Designers: 4pm – 6pm Gallery Open until 9am – 6pm
Valade Family Gallery, First Floor of A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Educ

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Testimony of Client Centric Sculpture

Work of consignment art has been very promising for me because it is what the client wants from heart.

Art lovers review my work and they observe the texture, flow of grain, and the blend of hues that make the work come to life.

One of my clients “Colleen and Don” liked the natural look of my Ivy and the Yellow Rose art form.   She wanted to have it made in a self-standing art form with no vase.

Colleen corresponded back to me when it was completed and I asked if her statement could become a “Testimony” in my Blog writing.

The Art Piece is called “Promises”  which measures 10” x 14” 

Hi Dave,

Just a quick note to let you know how lovely my rose is from your "Promises" series.  It sits in my living room curio cabinet where I can always see it and feel it's peacefulness ..... knowing it was "created" for me by you (and Don too because he's the one that introduced me to your work).  You are very talented and I feel honored that your first piece from "Promises" is mine - thank you. 
I hope all is well with you and that your work/talent continues to "flourish and grow."

Colleen Ben….. of Allen Part, Michigan

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review of completed work

I have put together a short video covering some of my completed work for my viewers.  The work is completed in a Stainless Steel medium and has been either acrylic painted or given hues by heat tinting the alloy.   All craftsmanship is hand made and follows old world techniques with a modern twist.

If you want to follow and see my updates let me know.  I respect everyones privacy and safeguard their address.

I want to thank you for taking the time to review the Art Style.

To start the video Hit the lower left tab to play.