Sunday, August 23, 2009

History of Artist Techniques

As we all know history will exchange paths at one time or another on the things we do. The artist conducted a search for quite sometime to find the exchange of his "Artistic Balance".
The art of Mr. Christoph Beck of Basel, Switzerland, 1682 is very close in technique and style. Mr. Beck made the "Crown of the Silver Guild" and presented it to the Royal House of Switzerland. The primary difference is the mediums, he used the malleable alloy Silver and I use Stainless Steel.

I have challenged myself to create sculptures of refined detail with the style of ancient world metal work that holds a modern twist. With a painterly style, layering of translucent acrylics brings out the details of the "Single Blow and Repousse' techniques". A subject line that is taken from the essence of nature for a full body art by making a balanced composition. High expectations for quality, an art style for those that demand better things in their life style.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deeper Art designed by the Collector

A lot of times an Artist gets trapped in their own work and has a hard time breaking their pattern of thought. Currently, I am breaking that thought pattern by working with Collectors to create "Consumer Centric" compositions within their liking. My creativity will be centered and focused on the Collectors decor and style of living.

"Wandering Fantasy" is a wall art composition for a Collector that measures 33" wide and is 48" high. The main topic is the Pink Clematis which spans the entire height of the art. The introduction of the Wandering Jew at the top center is flowing into the main stream of the art.