Monday, October 27, 2008

Clematis Wall Design

The Clematis Wallscape is an elegant design originated for entry ways and foyers. The art measures 46" wide by 38" high which was made in 2006. The art is an original made of Stainless Steel and is a true conversation piece in any home or office conference room.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Creative Wallscapes

Being creative in wallscapes is open for flow and a desire for change by decor style.  I am creating different art designs that express  natural flow and texture.  Even though the medium is stainless steel it expresses style because of the natural hues when the metal is heat treated.  In this piece of art the Lilacs are distorted in shape and the Ivy balances the elegance of the Roses.  This design is 40" Tall by 32"Wide which was created in 2007.  The project was labor intense but well worth the time.

I would like to get feed-back on the art to see if the public agrees with my efforts.  I am starting this Blog to get different opinions from collectors and artists alike.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Artist Statement

Metal Sculptures of floral design are being created with passion to display emotion and character in metal forming and finishing.  The detailing of each creation is not to be confused with the intricate design of Mother Nature of a given species but instead the essence of natures beauty is being extracted.
The art sculptures have evolved into fresh dimensions with metal and other mixed media.  
The Art is made of at least 80% green material to help with our ecology in cleaning up our earth.  I try to utilize materials that are scrap from industrial drops and used furniture. 
My passion for metal work has been a life style, whether is has been artistic, bobby, business, or trade.  As in all forms of metalworking I have taken a sense of pride in my work to create and exceed my clients expectations.  The essence of timing to present a unique project is critical, planning essential, and having a reason to commit with projection.  I believe that within every Fabricator is an Artist at heart but drawing the passion out of a person to create with meaning, makes him or her successful. 

Artist of Metal Sculptures

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Artist Profile

He is a self-taught artist that has been developing his own style of sculpture arrangement. By starting the art development in 2001 working on single roses, then progressing to table arrangements and wall art, which reflect complete compositions.
He attended Macomb Community College in Michigan to advance in Welding Technology. Through continued self-studies and seminars with the American Welding Society and the American Society for Quality he obtained merit to work in manufacturing and quality teams. With a hobby in jewelry repair and lapidary be sought education with the Gemology Institution of America to major in colored stones and diamonds.
As a member of the Micro Welding Association of America he obtained theory and knowledge for the tooling and advancements in minute welding of small components with refined detail. His demand for quality and detail blend with the technology because of the precision requirements.
Since 2001 creating Sculpture with metal alloys has become a passion because of his desire to succeed in a life style of change.
He is currently on staff at Roush Industries in Allen Park, MI.

Artist of Metal Sculptures

Monday, October 20, 2008

Who am I

I am a self-taught artist working in metal sculptures of floral & nature related design. I have been developing my style and technique for 8 year.  The art is intended to be for interior decorating right now and is being expanded to exterior design.  The medium is currently of Stainless Steel that has been heat-treated to obtain the desired hues and/or painted with acrylics.  
The artist is not trying to copy mother nature but instead drawing out the essence of mother nature to capture the subject in sculpture.

Currently, sculptures have been made as table arrangements, wallscapes, and pedistal arrangements.

I am open to suggestions and feed-back to the art and progression for future works.