Friday, October 24, 2008

Artist Statement

Metal Sculptures of floral design are being created with passion to display emotion and character in metal forming and finishing.  The detailing of each creation is not to be confused with the intricate design of Mother Nature of a given species but instead the essence of natures beauty is being extracted.
The art sculptures have evolved into fresh dimensions with metal and other mixed media.  
The Art is made of at least 80% green material to help with our ecology in cleaning up our earth.  I try to utilize materials that are scrap from industrial drops and used furniture. 
My passion for metal work has been a life style, whether is has been artistic, bobby, business, or trade.  As in all forms of metalworking I have taken a sense of pride in my work to create and exceed my clients expectations.  The essence of timing to present a unique project is critical, planning essential, and having a reason to commit with projection.  I believe that within every Fabricator is an Artist at heart but drawing the passion out of a person to create with meaning, makes him or her successful. 

Artist of Metal Sculptures