Monday, December 26, 2011

The Looking Glass of 2011

I have been reviewing my work of 2011 and have found new work to have been slow.  My full-time job as a Fabricator has taken up most of my time because of new work demands  and schedules.  My art work was displayed in the River Edge Gallery in Wyandotte Michigan, the Exo Hair Saloon and Gallery in Allen Park Michigan, and "the Creative Process project" at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan.

I am striving to let go of painting the Stainless Steel art because it makes it look to realistic but many people still insist on seeing it done in my original format, wet-on-wet acrylics.
By looking forward into the New Year I intend to open a new line of work that is Thermal Coated with bronze in the line-of-sight application.  This is to avoid covering the metal work and secondly to add a new dimension to fine craft by applying Patina Solutions for the hues instead of Acrylics.