Saturday, November 29, 2008

Artist Statement

I choose to use quality industrial metal drops of Stainless Steel to make my art because it is a green material, a material that will be transformed into subjects of nature, the essence of nature itself. By using old world techniques, sculptures of accent art are created. With a painterly style, progressive layers of translucent acrylics emit luminance of the detail, a natural display in two or three dimension art. My creativity and passion flows with Customer Centric Art, a subject that is centered and then composed to form the sculptures, a blend for the Collectors' interior designing.

Metal Sculptures by David Bushell

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hosting Hospitality with Sculptures

This is "Steel Magnolia which was made in 2004. The medium is stainless steel that has been painted with acrylic. Measurements of the art are 12"W by 14"H which make it easy to place in different locations of the home or office.
The sculpure offers elegance for any room that occupies other art pieces or just by itself. By setting the piece by itself the viewer is drawn to its magnetic personality, which gives hospitality.
For whom do I create the art form? I create my art for people that want to buy it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Expressing thought with details

Expression to me as an Artist is a challenge because it is an extension of the art itself.  The character of each detail expresses our inter feelings and thoughts as we create a painting, sculpture,  photo, or a song.  I have studied different styles of art forms to learn what made the Artist successful.  I chose my medium "stainless steel" for it's difficulty to shape, inner character, and ability to show expression of my thoughts.  This is "African Sunset" from the exotic floral group, Pincushions.