Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Artist Profile

He is a self-taught artist that has been developing his own style of sculpture arrangement. By starting the art development in 2001 working on single roses, then progressing to table arrangements and wall art, which reflect complete compositions.
He attended Macomb Community College in Michigan to advance in Welding Technology. Through continued self-studies and seminars with the American Welding Society and the American Society for Quality he obtained merit to work in manufacturing and quality teams. With a hobby in jewelry repair and lapidary be sought education with the Gemology Institution of America to major in colored stones and diamonds.
As a member of the Micro Welding Association of America he obtained theory and knowledge for the tooling and advancements in minute welding of small components with refined detail. His demand for quality and detail blend with the technology because of the precision requirements.
Since 2001 creating Sculpture with metal alloys has become a passion because of his desire to succeed in a life style of change.
He is currently on staff at Roush Industries in Allen Park, MI.

Artist of Metal Sculptures