Sunday, November 28, 2010

Making of "Sun of Rock" a new sculpture

The Metal Sculpture "Sun of Rock" was created with a subjective line of work.  A musical art group named the Morrow's Memory wanted to display a single black rose to promote my line of art by the Bass Guitarist which is Scott Sarnia.  He wanted to display small roses that have detail but are of  lower cost.  I thought of the promotion and agreed if I can proceed with another piece of art first to display my creative side that is outside of my comfort box.  Scott was not sure what I was up to but he agreed with my gesture and this is the results of the project.

The mediuim is again Stainless Steel that has been heat tinted for the hues.

The work is hand done and is detailed using the "Single Blow" and "Repousse" forming.

This sculpture measures 18 inches wide by 12 inches in height.

The Sculpture will be on display at the "Rivers Edge Gallery" in Wyandotte, Michigan that represents Dave's work.